Khalilah Birdsong (b. 1977, USA) is a visual artist who creates large-scale abstract paintings and installations.  Birdsong has exhibited with galleries in Atlanta, Georgia, Cincinnati, Ohio and Hamburg, Germany.  She has had solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Japan and Italy.  Birdsong’s paintings are in private and corporate collections around the world, including commissioned works. Her installation work has been commissioned by corporations in the Atlanta, Georgia and Tokyo, Japan.  Birdsong’s work can be found in 44th United States President Barack Obama’s private collection, which is being considered to hang in his Presidential Library.  In 2019, Khalilah was named by Contemporary Arts Curator Magazine (London, England, United Kingdom) as one of the 100 future contemporary artists.  In 2020, she was awarded a Hambidge Fellowship for the Creative Arts & Sciences.  Birdsong resides in Georgia, USA.


I am interested in survival and resurgence. Distress, weathering is palpable on the canvas, but so is resurgence. I build layers up and then take them away to create a painting that is, ultimately, whole. The process of layering and stripping builds contusions, bumps and raw ridges, but also reveals patches of older, more forgotten colors. Every painting is an experience through process, which translates to the canvas to create a story that can only be experienced visually. My process is strenuous to the medium. Through it, my paintings achieve resolution.

Photo credit: Amanda Greene