By Claire Schatz and Lauren Sitton

There’s no easier way to incorporate a bold hue into your space than with art. Here are seven to consider.

Fine lines, contrasting colors and the perception of movement are captured in Khalilah Birdsong’s colorful abstract paintings. As a visual artist, Birdsong bases her studio in the lively and luscious foliage of Maui, Hawaii. The artist uses polychromatic themes to serve as a base for her work before she layers different tints to create artfully uneven saturations filled with textures that allude to corrosion. Birdsong’s work is a combination of exact physicality and balance, which she attributes to her own personal form. Her work parallels celebrated artists like Alfred Leslie, Joan Mitchell, Jean-Paul Riopelle and the late abstract paintings of artist Gerhard Richter. The artist’s representations are found all over the world in private and corporate collections, with a number of commissioned works as well—not to mention former President Barack Obama owns some of her pieces in his own private collection, which is being evaluated for his presidential library.